Marathon Dissent
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Note that you should NOT look at any of the tech notes until you've actually played through the level in question. I will show maps in some cases, and I will explain puzzles that you'd probably prefer to figure out on your own.

That said, if you have questions about how I did anything, look at the list below. If the level you're interested in does not have a link, that means there are no interesting design secrets there. In that case, or if the trick you're interested isn't described on the page for that level, you should either contact me with the question, or take a look at the Usenet group

Also, I strongly encourage anyone serious about scenario development to study the notes from Hastur's Workshop and Gary Simmons' Marathon site (which has both Forge and Anvil tips). They are an incredible resource!

  1. En Route
  2. Arrival
  3. The Gauntlet
  4. CPS Central
  5. Where am I?
  6. Return to Mars
  7. Edison Awakening
  8. Tycho Dome
  9. Endymion
  10. Death
  11. Fission For Trouble
  12. Dalton Base
  13. Alpha Station
  14. We All Fall Down
  15. Ashes
  16. Texas Toast
  17. Macapá
  18. Beanstalk Node
  19. Into The Fire
  20. The Briar Patch (1)
  21. The Briar Patch (2)
  22. Rescue
  23. The Orkin Man Cometh

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