Rogue Stars and Unfinished Scenarios
WMaiD lingers with a few levels left unfinished, and broken MML scripts for Aleph One that tripped up development back in 2008. Textures and high resolution weapon sprites are complete, but without MML that functions, only the 'Classic' Mac OS 9 application version works.

I'd like to finish WMaiD one day - even if it's almost ten years today since the project began back in 2002.

In the meantime, here's a piece of fiction from WMaiD I wrote and updated recently. It reveals what happens in a 'failed' timeline - one that divirges from the Marathon:Infinity > WMaiD > Rubicon stream, becoming the one played in Marathon:Red. A few years back, I talked this over with both Scott from the Rubicon team, and Ian McConville, creator of M:Red, and recieved their permission to link the stories of each to WMaiD in this way. :)

WMaiD: Future History Archive // The Battle of Rogue Star


WMaiD SDL Demo is back! (It was on vacation)
Download link to the WMaiD SDL Demo (Windows Aleph One version) has been restored.

I noticed when re-playing the demo that there was no sound, and remembered to read my own FAQ:
Make sure you go into the Games Sound menu, and set them from 16-bit to 8-bit. Voila! Sound returns.

WMaiD Jjaro Map Making Contest
Jjaro Map Making contest, prizes to be awarded. Tangible prizes. Visit the page for more details:

WMaiD Developers Blog Online
We've established a developers blog to document the scenario's development process and to give the public a chance to be part of it.

To view new additions to the scenario, including textures, storyline, terminal art and community's comments, visit the WMaiD Teams Dev. Journal:

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