During the events alluded to be Durandal briefly in Rubicon, WMaiD allows you to return to a time before the fall of the Pfhor empire; before Achilles. A Jjaro outpost world was discovered orbiting a distant rogue star. Now the Marine must race against the UESC, Pfhor empire, and a rampant Jjaro Ai in a desperate attempt to discover the purpose of the construct the Jjaro left behind.

once a man
without conscience
without doubt

muddied is the path

WMaiD Contains:
-New and Familiar creatures,
-All new Terminal graphics,
-A mixture of all new High Resolution 512x512 texture sets and 128x128
-All new, original Menus, Music, Chapter Screens,
- 30 new Solo levels to explore, battle and survive

Keep your eye on the heavens...

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