In Game Content

"Where Monsters are in Dreams" 2 Level Demo

Includes: WMaiD (Demo) Application, Image, Map, Physics, and Shapes file.

Mac Classic OS release Download [3.7 mb .sit]
OSX Aleph One release Download [12.8 mb .sit]
Windows Aleph One SDL Download [14.6 mb .zip]
[links updated March 7th 2008]

Download Rubicon Sounds (Required for non-SDL versions):

How - To Guides
Blaynes Guide to converting Mac Classic Marathon files to > Aleph One SDL:
A .sit file with the Mac BinaryII+ .bin encoding application and a step by step guide on converting the Map and Image files used by Marathon 2/Infinity to a format readable on a Windows SDL version of Aleph One.
Marathon 0S9 to Windows AO SDL Download [1.8 mb .sit]


"The Onicis 429 War Begins"

800x600 [88K]

"Final Approach"

1600x1200 [201k]
1024x768 [81k]
832x624 [57k]
640x480 [36k]

Music of Where Monsters Are In Dreams


newearth.mp3 [9.3mb]
newlight.mp3 [9.5mb]
earthjourney.mp3 [9.4mb]

Remixed[spliced] distilation of three tracks
- WMaiD Theme wmaidtheme.mp3 [701k - 1:11]

Music of Captain Kirk

solaris.mp3 [4.6mb - 5:01]
pulsar.mp3 * [3.5mb - 3:45]
hologramrosebudd.mp3 *[3.6mb - 3:57]
astrogator.mp3 * [3mb - 3:17]
atavachron.mp3 * [2.1mb - 2:21]
Dark City Tracks

darkcity.mp3 [3mb - 3:22]
memories_of_shellbeach.mp3 [896k - 0:44]
living_an_illusion.mp3 * [3.3mb - 2:57]


damned.mp3 [2.6mb - 2:51]

night_reflections.mp3 [9.1mb - 8:00]
^ One of my personal favorites, along with Solaris

* - almost used in WMaiD, but not implemented in the scenario. Included here for completeness and your listening pleasure.

Unused Content For WMaiD

Intro Video:
In WMaiD Alpha, this was the introduction video. However, it was dropped because it did more to confuse the player than intrigue them (the video has nothing to do with WMaiD, but makes allusion to Rubicon).

Intro Movie[1mb - no audio]

Overloading Plasma/Fission Gun Weapon:
A weapon that never really fit. A modified (shapes and physics) Marathon:2/Infinity plasma gun, made "dirty". The idea behind it was from old SF scenes where a gun is set of "overload" and set in the way of oncomming enemies. Boom. This weapon was later replaced by a claymore mine weapon. Screenshot PICT files are included with the shape PICTS detailing every frame of animation, and weapon/shots physics values in Anvil.

Overloading Fission Gun Resources[572k .sit]

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