Where Monsters are in Dreams Jjaro Outpost Map Making Contest
Between Feb. 1st and March 31st 2007, MaraMERCH and the WMaiD Development team are holding a map making contest. Prizes will be awarded for those maps included in WMaiD.

The goal of this contest is to tap the wealth of talented map makers in this community. All maps that are chosen to be included in WMaiD will recieve a limited run Blue Marathon Fabric Patch free of charage, postage paid by me.

: : : Download WMaiD Forge 1.0.4 (Mac OS9) and WMaiD Contest Shapes Patch

: : : DOwnload Aleph One High Res. Ancient Jjaro Texture set + .MML


Q: What does the map have to be about?
A: Durandal has sent you down to an unexplored section of the installation to search for Jjaro technology. This can take on any form - a weapon, a cargo crate, intangible data, etc. Anthony, Misha and I will adapt whatever backstory you've given into WMaiD's existing level structure.

Q: Can I use an existing map I've created that *look* like a Jjaro level?
A: Sure, as long as it's your own work that you're retexturing. New works are still encouraged.

Q: What kind of monsters and weapons can we expect in these levels?
A: Game play in your level should reflect a Marathon 2/Infinity weapons assortment (pistol, shotgun, AR, fission gun). Monsters can utilize Drones, the Pfhor, and the UESC (bobs). Any combination of these (or one exclusivley) are acceptable.

Q:Is the level intended for use in Classic OS Marathon, or Aleph One?
A: Aleph One. A shapes patch will be available for download along with the high res AO textures/MML scripts.

Q: Would I be credited with the level?
A: Of course! Credit is given where credits due.

If there's any other questions, please either post in this thread, or contact the WMaiD team: blayne[at]bungie.org

Happy mapmaking!

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