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The Port

WELCOME to Trojan M2 for Windows

It is eighty years since the defeat of the Pfhor Empire at the hands of the combined Earth/S'Pht Kr battle fleets. The S'Pht Kr have gone, and of the strange events which occured around Lh'owon little is known (and the few intrepid historians sent to investigate were never heard from again).

Mankind, however, is rarely given to pausing long for thought, and since then much has happened......

03/05/00 We have released a second update to TM2/Windows that fixes a bug that Forge introduced but we missed. If you have already downloaded TM2 you'll need to install the updates.

Update 1 alters the trojan.exe and standard.phy2 files. Update 2 alters the map.sce2 file. If you are yet to download TM2 the full download already includes both patches. If you downloaded TM2 after the 26th of April, or you have applied Update 1 to your installation, you'll only need to apply Update 2.

6 New WeaponsTrojan started life as a scenario for Marathon 1 on the Mac in 1997 - you can still download the Mac version from the site. Being the generous sort of people we are, we thought we'd bring Trojan to the PC community, basing it on Bungie Software's Marathon 2 - Durandal.

There are 26 levels, 15 new aliens and 6 new weapons as well as a great plot, hard and fast combat, fiendish puzzles and much, much more.

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