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The Port

Downloading Trojan

15 New AliensUnlike most Marathon scenarios, Trojan is an almost wholly self-contained package. All the support files - Shapes, Sounds, Images, Map, Music and Standard physics file - are already included. The only other items you need are a clean copy of the main Marathon 2 executable and a valid serial number. This scenario cannot be played with the demo verson of Marathon 2.

03/05/00 We have released a second update to TM2/Windows that fixes a bug that Forge introduced but we missed. If you have already downloaded TM2 you'll need to install the updates.

Update 1 alters the trojan.exe and standard.phy2 files. Update 2 alters the map.sce2 file. If you are yet to download TM2 the full download already includes both patches. If you downloaded TM2 after the 26th of April, or you have applied Update 1 to your installation, you'll only need to apply Update 2.

Download the latest updated full installer '' from

Download the updates:

NB You must use a clean version of the M2.exe file for the full installer - not one that has been patched with the NZD patch - or the installer won't recognise it as being the correct file for updating. Checking 16-bit sounds in the preferences panel will produce a horrible sounding mess - please don't check this option.

Trojan M2 for Windows has been tested on W95, W98 and NT4.0, as well as Virtual PC running W95. It requires roughly 34Mb of disk space in addition to your copy of Marathon 2, although Marathon 2 need not be installed for Trojan to run.

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