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The Port


All original work contained in Trojan remains the property of its respective authors. The Trojan package may be distributed freely, as long as it is kept in its original form (as an installer file) with all documentation included. Modified versions of the Trojan package and/or individual resources may not be distributed without permission from the project supervisor and relevant authors. None of this material may be distributed for profit, in any way, without written permission from the project supervisor.

Finally, should Trojan reformat your hard drive, eat your children, or sell your house and use the profits to pay for a fortnight's drinking binge in Hawaii, don't blame us; it ain't our fault. You use this package at your own risk. We've done our best to make Trojan as bug-free and easy to use as possible, but we're only human after all (well, almost).

For further information:

If you need any further information, please contact the idiots who put this port together:

Hamish Sanderson, at:

and Mike Trinder, at:

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