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Lost, defenseless, nowhere to turn? All your resources taken away, not even the ability to run?

Welcome to the Big House.

What can we offer?

  • web and ftp space devoid of advertising banners
  • a home associated with one of the fastest-growing Bungie-related sites on the web
  • Easy access to the ScenarioNews page, for quick updates

What do we ask?

  • Reasonable evidence that the scenario's well along in its development, and will not be abandoned
  • A modicum of care in page updating
  • no commercial banners or links

This site has been set up to provide scenario makers with an option for housing their public pages that is free of requirements for advertising banners, javascripted popups, or unwanted frames. We realize that not everyone has access to high-speed, low-cost web space, and we wanted to remove one small roadblock on the voyage to scenario completion.

Apologies - the Big House is no longer accepting applications - we've simply got nobody to manage them.

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