What's New?

18 October 1998
  • Contest results are UP! The maps are available to download from the Maps Section. A large single archive containing ALL maps will be available late monday to tuesday. Sorry for the wait.

11 October 1998
  • If you were wondering... it will be ANY DAY NOW! The results of who won should be comming in shortly!!! Then the first and second place winners will be contacted. And after that all the contest entries will be put up for the world to see!

1 October 1998
  • Reports from The Judges say that the preliminary evaluation phase is almost complete. They expect to have the top choices ready for full critical evaluation. We should see some results within a week hopefully! Stay tuned!

27 September 1998
  • CONTEST HAS ENDED! Results will show up in a week or two depending on how long it takes the Judges to pick the top two winners. Many maps have been submitted, and everything that was received has had a Confirmation sent out for it. So if you have NOT gotten a Confirmation, then resubmit the map by Monday the 28th 8pm PST. Stay tuned for results!

8 September 1998
  • A new Prize has been added for the grand prize winner. Choice of either MacUnreal, or Tomb RaiderII for mac!

22 August 1998
  • Sorry for the late news post on that important issue, but this server was giving me troubles on sending updates in! Anyhow, read below for the news. Also to note is that the Maps page has been fixed and updated to the NEW server. The old server that contained Evil stuff, bit the dust on us without any warning. Nice of them (bastards).

20 August 1998
    The following is in regards to the Map Making Contest:
  • 1) Test test test your maps. There is no extra prize for sending your maps in early... all maps get judged at the same time at the end.
  • 2) A new prize has been added! Second Place Winner will also get a Special CD, but First Place will get something extra. Head over to the Contest Page to see what it is.

    Some rules should be noted again, since it seems people are not paying attention to the rules:
  • 1) Any contest entry that does not have "Contest Entry" in the subject line gets regarded as a normal map submission for the page, and will not be entered. If you havn't gotten a confirmation that we accepted your map, then you should realize something is up, and resubmit.
  • 2) Remember, only one entry per person! Don't be sending in updates to the same map, you blew it by already submitting the map before.
  • 3) No redo's of other maps. It's pretty sad to see someone take Mars Needs Women, and convert it to Evil. You can submit such things, but you got a sorry chance in hell of winning if you do.

18 August 1998
  • BAD NEWS! Looks like ftp2.grayphics.com that housed all the evil files, everything, all the stuff... is gone. Trashed our stuff, and did who knows what, cause its all gone. No word, no notice, no nothing. Either they are history for good, or they are having major problems... eitherway they ignore the queries. SO, manyfiles here have died... I have been fixing some that are located in other servers, but as of right now, the large 3rd party maps are all gone.

    Don't worry though, I have everything here on my machine... but its not a server machine. I will be trying to get these things onto a new server here in the short future. So if links dont work for you... this is why, and try to keep tight till wefix this damned problem.

13 August 1998
  • To accomodate the lesser speed map skilled, we have pushed the contest end date two weeks. This should be AMPLE time to get what you plan to do, done. Enjoy! Oh, and it looks like a new prize is in the works!!!

10 August 1998
  • Are YOU the best Evil mapmaker? Prove it. The Month of Evil has arrived. The Evil Group would like to announce a Marathon:Evil Map Making Contest! There is yet another new section on the navbar pertaining to this contest. So read up there for all the details, and what YOU should do to enter! Good luck!

1 August 1998
  • A NEW section has been added! The Stats section has some interesting numbers regarding the levels in the Evil package. Interesting to those who care, that is.

25 July 1998
  • Some new items have been added to the MISC section. Jeff Swartz has made a grouping of nifty Physics to use for those who make Evil Maps. Also a Bob Shapes patch, and Alternate Sounds patch, by John Marchette, is there.
  • More new maps from Jeff Swartz has been added to the MAPS section!

16 June 1998
  • A new section was added: MISC. This is where the odd stuff goes that really doesn't fit elsewhere.
  • Also, the DOWNLOAD Section has been updated. Turns out coffeehaus and some other sites hosting the Evil files bit the dust. We fixed all the links and they should be working better now. You can now get the single files for Evil, like just the Shapes, Physics, or Maps. Helpful so you do not have to redownload the whole thing again.
  • Lastly, the HISTORY area has two archives in it for download. They are sketch archives regarding Evil and the Prequel to Evil.

8 June 1998
  • A really neato patcher came to us from HAS. The HUD Patch fixes the ammo readout for the Nukegun, and also adjusts the ammo readout for the railgun. This is a Highly recommended patch for use with Evil. It is harmless and easy to apply. Only thing it does, is make Evil better! Thanks Hamish Sanderson!

26 May 1998
  • The Marathon:Evil Spoiler has been correctly assigned to the right place. Sorry for that bad link in the navbar. It now works and goes to the wonderfully created spoiler for Evil, written by Michael K. Neylon.

18 May 1998
  • A large grouping of maps from Jeff Swartz was put up. Some are fairly large and spralled out with endless corridors, and the likes, so playing with less than 6 is not a good thing. But they are all for the most part, pretty good.

17 January 1998
  • New maps have been put up. A many great deal from Richard Dierkes. To this day, he has made 35 maps for Evil... that's a lot.
  • The Evil exclusive Hotline server still has everything that is ever created and made for Evil. It has mp3's, all maps, shape patches, and other weird stuff. So come check out the archives with Hotline at:

4 January 1998
  • New maps have been put up. Only the ones that are not an abomination to map making that is. I have removed the 'list by map name' and instead have it listed only by post date. Seems no one was using the old one, and it was a pain to mirror correctly (without the cgi), so I removed it. If this is a problem, mail about it.
  • The Evil exclusive Hotline server still has everything that is ever created and made for Evil. It has mp3's, all maps, shape patches, and other weird stuff. So come check out the archives with Hotline at:
  • New films have been posted too.

31 December 1997
  • New maps will be comming shortly. I have a stack here that I need to go through to make sure are clean and bug-free. If they are, then I will be posting them soon. Sorry for the long wait, vacation sort of paid its toll.
  • The Evil exclusive Hotline server has changed its location again. The new Hotline Address is:
    You can find ANYTHING Evil related at this Hotline; including films maps and all sorts of add-ons/alterations. We have also (for a short time) put up Tempus Irae, since it's such a nice scenario to play.

21 November 1997
  • Maps Section has been updated with a new map.
  • Some news from the front: Some of the Evil Group members are still considering and planning on releasing their external creations for evil. When is a question though. Just look forward to them, that's all.

14 November 1997
  • New maps have come in, and have been placed in the Maps Section.
  • Maps section now has a choice of listing. List either by date, or map name. This will help quickly see whats new since they will appear on top. By default it goes to "By Map Date" for quicker check of what's new.
  • Also: Sorry for the long delay in news posts... it kind of slipped by us.

12 August 1997
  • New maps have come in, and have been placed in the Maps Section.
  • Created the Films Section. You can now get films that use Evil maps.

2 August 1997
  • Created the Maps Section. New maps are now more than welcome to funnel in. They will be reviewed, and placed on the maps section if they are well enough in design.
  • Updated the Downloads Section. It now has two more Forge Patchers, and a Drop utility for Evil file types.

18 July 1997

15 July 1997
WHEW! that's about all I can say about these past few weeks...
support for EVIL is still going strong, and that's all thanks to you.
the forge patcher is set to be released in the next few days, and the EVIL Spoiler Guide is almost completed. the site is being redone over the next few days, so please hang in there while we get things finished.
  • began the upgrade of the entire site today (should be pretty obvious)
  • fixed a few broken links, and a few spelling errors