Evil Level Statistics

This section has all sorts of numbers, and statistics relating to only the maps found in the Full Evil Package. That would be the 17 solo levels, and the 22 net levels. It does not and will not include any third party maps, or creators maps. This is strictly for the official Evil levels.

Most of this is interesting to those who care to look. However, to many, it will just look like a hull load of numbers and useless junk. It might even make you think of your math class you have to study for, ha.

Construction Parts Polygon counts, lines, sides, and other construction elements, are shown in this statistic chart. Interesting to see how many polygons total make up the Evil scenario.
Floor Area / Volume Floor area, and Volume of all the maps in the Evil package. Look to see which map was the largest, the smallest, and average sizes.
Texture Choices A chart of each map and the texture set they used.