So what's your problem?


what part of "for Marathon:Infinity only" do you not understand?

Whenever I view a terminal in Evil, my computer crashes. What gives?

Chances are, you have ATM installed. See, ATM replaces the default system fonts (which the EVIL terminals look for), with its own versions of these fonts...

Make sure that you have the following fonts installed:
  • Courier 10
  • Helvetica 9, 12, 18

I got the IMG CD with Marathon:EVIL on it. When I try to install it, the program crashes with an error type -43. Is there a problem with the installer?

Yes. There is a problem with the EVIL installer on the IMG CD. Sorry, but until we figure out what the hell went wrong, you're going to have to download it, or wait for the Macaddict CD.

The ReadMe says that I need version 1.3 or 1.5 of Infinity to run EVIL. Where can I get these updates?

Actually, that was a typo in the ReadMe. You really only need 1.2 of Infinity, which is what everyone has. If you have this version, EVIL will run just fine.

However, Bungie has just released version 1.5 of Infinity, which no longer requires you to enter a serial number when you launch the game for the first time. It is not necessary that you download this to play EVIL. The EVIL patcher updates it to 1.5 already. But if you still have Infinity around, and want to update that, then you will need to get the update from Bungie.

The Infinity 1.5 Updater can be downloaded off Bungie's ftp site.

I have run the EVIL installer successfully. But whenever I launch EVIL, it crashes.
I have run the EVIL installer successfully. But whenever I play EVIL, the game crashes.

First off, make sure you ran the EVIL installer on a CLEAN COPY OF INFINITY. In fact, put the Infinity CD in your drive, and select the files from there. It is very common that the EVIL installer updates a damaged shapes file, and things WILL NOT WORK if this happens.

Second, dump your preferences file. Sometimes this makes a difference, sometimes it doesn't.

Lastly, see if you have RamDoubler running. We have unconfirmed reports that this is indeed causing problems for some. Try turning it off and see if that makes any difference.

My sounds are all messed up. Sometimes they play all scratchy, sometimes they don't play the correct speed, and sometimes they just don't play at all.

Simple. You have either:

Used a program called SoundStripper to remove the 16bit sound files from the Sounds file.

Opened up the Sounds file in Anvil, hoping to add some of your own sounds, or change sounds around.

Both of these are BIG NO-NOs. They WILL cause your computer to crash, or not work right. Just don't do it. Duh.

Network peformance seems really slow. Is it EVIL's fault?

Do you happen to have a 3rd party (non-Apple) video card installed? Certain cards, namely the XClaim VR, slow down network performance bigtime. Solution? Run in Thousands of Colors. This seems to fix the problem

This is an undocumented bug, and Bungie is currently working on a fix. In the mean time, just run in Thousands of Colors.

It seems as if one of my files is corrupted (Map, Netmaps, Shapes, Sounds, Images, Physics, Music.) What do I do?

We now have single-files available for download. Just run the patch on a fresh copy of whatever file, and you should be golden.

I downloaded all the EVIL segments, but Stuffit won't join them...
When I try to unstuff EVIL, Stuffit just opens, pauses a second, then quits.

Most likely, there was an error in downloading, and you have a corrupted segment. For best results, get all the segments from one ftp server.

And sadly enough, if things still don't work, you might have to re-download the segments again.

For best results, we recommend using Anarchie. It is smart enough to know what type of files it is downloading, and will notify you of any errors. Whereas Netscape seems to be stupid when it comes to downloading files.

I am stuck on level ___. I have done ______ and gone ________, but I still can't seem to find my way out. Can anyone help me?
Check the EVIL Spoiler Guide

My computer crashes while I'm playing "A Million Ways to Spend your Time" with a type __ error. I've tried your ATM suggestion, but it still crashes. What do I do?

The problem you are experiencing is known as a Zero Divide error. A while back, someone wrote a little app that took care of that problem. You can get it from the download page.