Important Information:

Having some problems with EVIL? Check out the Support page.

Stuff you'll need to play EVIL:

The newest version of StuffitExpander, as well as DropStuff with Expander Enhancer. Make sure you have these before you contact us with troubles. When both of these have been installed on your computer, you WILL be able to segment the "text-file-version" of EVIL.

The Marathon 1.5 Update from Bungie. The InputSprocketLib files work correctly with this update.
If you own the Marathon Trilogy Boxed Set, you obviously do not need this file.

Download EVIL

EVIL is being distributed in two versions:

(19.5megs stuffed)
(14.7megs stuffed)
- has 16bit sounds for chapters
- includes all files:
  • EVIL app 1.5
  • Cursed Shapes
  • Cursed Sounds
  • Cursed Map (16bit snd version)
  • Cursed Images
  • Cursed Data
  • Cursed NetMaps
  • Cursed Physics (and net)
  • Music
  • EVIL ReadMe
- has 8bit sounds for chapters
- includes these files:
  • EVIL app 1.5
  • Cursed Shapes
  • Cursed Sounds
  • Cursed Map (8bit snd version)
  • Cursed Images
  • EVIL ReadMe
So there ya have it. Go crazy:

EVIL is also available via Hotline:

SINGLE FILES (mix 'n match):
Cursed Map the scenario file for EVIL (7.3mb) Download
Cursed NetMaps official netmaps for EVIL (914k) Download
Cursed Shapes patcher to make shapes for EVIL (2.9mb) Download
Cursed Sounds patcher to make sounds for EVIL (1.5mb) Download
Cursed Images images file to be used with EVIL (2.3mb) Download
Cursed Physics official base physics (9k) Download
Cursed Data data file for into graphic (269k) Download
Music the EVIL music for use with marathon (2.1mb) Download
Theme.mp3 the EVIL music in mp3 format (2.7mb) Download

Forge Patchers:

There are 3 patchers available for your convenience. There are some differences between them though. The 1.02 patchers are based on Forge 1.02 but they also have some extra bells and whistles. Such as when you save a map with Forge-EVIL 1.02 it saves it as an Evil map. If its a map in progress (unmerged) you can double click it to open it in Forge-EVIL. Forge-EVIL 1.04 is based on Forge 1.04 and has all of the name changes and what not, it just doesn't have the extra creator oriented changes that the 1.02 version has, so you must use the FileTypeDropChanger to change the creator of the maps to show up as an Evil map.

Once you download these, read the ReadMe files!

Forge 1.0.1 EVIL patcher Patches Forge 1.0.1-->1.0.2 (428K) Download
Forge 1.0.2 EVIL patcher Patches Forge 1.0.2-->1.0.2 (111k) Download
Forge 1.0.4 EVIL patcher Patches Forge 1.0.4-->1.0.4 (103k) Download
FileTypeDropChanger Drop Changer to make Files into Evil Files (32K) Download