Contest Results:
    The Evil Group would like to thank all those who participated, and although only a few winners got prizes, you all deserve a round of applause. We thank you for your renewed interest in Marathon, and Evil.
    The following are the top five finalists out of all 32 entrants. Out of the top five, one person stands tall will the grand prize, and the runner up with 2nd place. You all did very well, and gave the Judges a good migraine figuring out who would be the winner.

    All maps will be available for download in the Maps section as single archives, and also as one large archive containing all maps.

Pest Control
John A. Hancock

This solo stood out from the rest as a wonderfully created, and thought out map. Not only was it a treat to play, it was very well constructed, with attention to details, and a lack of bugs or glitches.

He deserves a hand for his creative and maticulous work.

Jeff Swartz

This powerful net level was both stunning in the visual sense, and also the constructional sense. Incredible angles, design, and flow was put into this small but large netmap. And the improved Force-field effect is a peach! Excellent work.

Don't Panic
Tom Kehler

Gus Drips Pink
Blake Mayerle

La Virgin
Richard Dierkes

These three were part of the runners up, and deserve an Honorable Mention Award. They did well, and gave the Judges a hard time choosing the finals.

Persons who Entered:
    We would like to say thanks to all those who entered the Map Making contest. All of you showed great commitment, and we thank you for your support. Those who didn't enter, BAH, shame on you.

The Roster List
Map Creator
Pest ControlJohn A. Hancock 1st place winner - Solo
FireKracker v1.0Jeff Swartz 2nd place winner - Net
Don't PanicTom Kehler Honorable Mention - Net
Gus Drips PinkAlan Greene Honorable Mention - Net
La VirginRichard Dierkes Honorable Mention - Solo

ArachnavertigoGazeDoom Net
Beefcake!John Bousfield Net
BlenderPatrick Frye Net
Box of ChocolatesBrian Frye Net
Bug HuntElohymn Underhill Solo
CirculariumLincoln Mills Net
Dr'Kurr StationLiam Coonan Net or Solo - Unfinished
Feeding TimeSteve Sherwood Net
Hammers of ThorLee Heida Net
Ill TidingsGary Iams Net
It Doesn't MatterIan James Net
Jay's Net HouseJames Addison Net
Jjaro StudiosMiles Ludwig Net
Joker's DiceYoshi M. Net
King of the FortressJoel Rosenfeld Net
Over or UnderMike Holley Net
PiracyMichael Frye Net
PIT - 4N1Lars Jorgensen Net - Weapons change physics
Pits Ahead!Claus Selsager Net
Syntaar v1.0Nick Mason Net
The Devil ShipBruce Morrison Solo
The King Always WinsNicholas von Beroldingen   Net - Large
The Space StationArgyrios Saccopoulos Solo
Trigger AbuseTommy Poulsen Net
Turn Around...Chris Wheeldon Solo
When Daydreams go to far   Steve Barnes Net - Flying physics - Most Unique
XMichael Paulus Net