NAME: Ian McConville . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Ammo Nazi to my game testers)

OCCUPATION: Executive Slacker

AGE: 18

RESIDENCE: Louisville, Ohio

CALL SIGNS: Drako..._IAN_...Slacker...

QUOATE: "Sometimes you just got to blow $hit up."

PHYLOSOPHY: "People are stupid, glad I'm not a people."


What else do you want of me? I've played marathon for aprox. 3 years now and have been designing stuff for it since then...

I am an aspiring artist who is a fan of such artists as Craig Mullins, Micheal Osadciw, and Leonardo da Vince. I plan on majoring in computer arts and hope to one day be one of those artists with a spiffy "" E-mail addresses...Here's to Dreams & Wishes...Even if I have to move way out there to Redmond....heh

RED has been a project of mine ever since a friend dared me to do it...At first I took this lightly making random creatures and tossing them in random mock levels...When I got a G3 I realised the kind of graphical power now available to me so I pursued an actual organised scenario.

The title RED is nothing more then a title...It has no meaning beside the fact that I renamed it so my friends would stop calling it "Marathon IAN" I named it after my favorite color...(Good thing my favorite color wasn't Magenta or something...heh)

I'm now heading off to Bowling Green University here in Ohio. I'll be Majoring in computer art and animation. Here's hoping it works out...Because that's one expensive peice of paper I'm working for.

Thanks to Claude and HAS I've managed to get this far...



Enough of my babble...go break something... kill-happy slaughter monkey...