Marathon Dissent
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In the 22nd century, mankind is factious, angry and violent. Overpopulation has caused the poor to become poorer, while colonization of space has made the rich richer -- while at the same time providing them a safe haven from the masses. Some seek to reap the wealth of space for the benefit of all, others wish it for themselves, and still others sow destruction and terror in an attempt to prevent this wealth from ever being accumulated at all. Dissention is rampant in almost every world government. It appears that humanity is going to tear itself apart. Until an event that could either unite humanity -- or destroy it utterly.


Marathon: Dissent is a 24 level scenario with a completely original storyline (unrelated to the original Marathon universe). Read what Claude Errera of had to say about Dissent!

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6/9/2004:I finally updated the contact information at the bottom of each page, which was woefully outdated. I haven't played Marathon in a very long time, but if you're still enjoying this scenario, let me know. You can e-mail me at dissent at bitjuggler dot com (sorry about writing it out longhand, but I didn't want spam bots getting hold of the address).

8/8/2000: A few bugs surfaced on the Tycho Dome level that could affect playability. Sorry it's taken so long to fix! Now out is version 1.2, available on the Downloads page.

11/7/2000: A bug has been found in the Dissent sound shuttle -- many sounds will be missing when you're playing in 16-bit mode, due to a problem with the way Sound Editor shuttles work. I've uploaded a new shuttle made with Wail.

10/31/2000: I just uploaded the first Dissent films to be submitted to me. John Sumner took on every solo level of Dissent vidmaster-style! The films are in a small (around 160K) package on the Downloads page.

If anyone else does something really cool in Dissent, send me the films and I'll post 'em there. (I don't want John's films getting lonely!)

10/16/2000: Dissent is playable under Aleph One -- just grab the MML from the downloads page. If you don't know what an MML is, don't worry, instructions on how to use it are included. (Note: if you got a copy of this before today, you won't be able to fire the CO2 laser in vacuum. The version I've just uploaded will fix this.)

10/11/2000: Hey, hey, it's the first full release of Dissent!!! All levels present, the story is finalized, and the weapons and monsters are all done. This is it, folks -- the only thing that may change from here is bug fixes. I'm releasing this as a public beta, but it's essentially done. To be honest, I don't think there are many bugs left, but I can't make promises. Go to the Downloads page to get your copy!

By the way, if you downloaded it yesterday, there was a bug left in it that I didn't find until it was too late. Click on the Dissent Map file in the Finder and choose Get Info -- if you've got version 1.0, get the updater (see the Downloads page). If you've got 1.0.1, you're set!

Will there be future sequels? Maybe.

This page copyright 1995-2004 by Thomas Reed.