Full package is 17.5Mb uncompressed: shapes, sounds, music, map, installer, documentation).

Requirements: '040 Processor or better, Marathon v1.2

Suggested: PPC, at least 9 MB free RAM


The Trojan/Trilogy Patch and Trojan Spoiler Guide are both available from Bungie.org. Please select one of the sites below for download options.

Download From:

Bungie.org - Single File (.hqx & .sit), Floppy Sized Files (.hqx), Trojan/Trilogy Patch (.sit), Trojan Spoiler Guide (.sit)

wustl.edu - Macbinary and BinHex formats in both a single large file, and segmented floppy sized files.

We also have links to some cool third-party add-ons for Trojan:


Way cool New sounds for Trojan: (DeviantMan, DeviantMan@aol.com)


Ever wanted to thrash Trojan on Total Carnage?

The Weapons Pump for Trojan: (Christopher Veres, cveres@obscure.org


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