Sorry, but the prognosis for your old weapons
is not very encouraging...


The batteries of the Zeus-Class Fusion Pistol have trouble holding their charge,
due to their age.


There are no missiles for the SPNKR-XP SSM Missile Launcher.
(But there are rumors about some kind of replacement?)


The computer aboard used the only two napalm tanks of the TOZT-7 Backpack Napalm Unit, for some kind of jetpack to allow you to fly.


There are no bullets and grenades for the MA-75B Assault Rifle for many light-years in any direction.


The MOW-MDN/36CM Assault Rifle that you used in your mission
at the Mi 'Karr planet against the Evil forces has its firing mechanism
completely broken.


If you are lucky the computer might find some improvised solution
(Pray for that)


 What could you do with an old Sniper Rifle with a laser sight?

(Sorry but I don´t know more
about your other weapons...)