Antonio de Llamas:"The Guilty" (Argentina)

Author of the project & original idea, graphics, and all the game-files

Comments or critics? Please mail to:

You can take a look at my personal web pages at:


Claude Errera: "The Right Arm" (USA)

Installer, betatesting, wizard of the web, work on terminal texts and images, good ideas
and a lot of other work (and a good friend )

He currently maintains the Archives at, the largest repository
of Marathon files in the known universe.

You can reach him at:


Pedro Cristiani: "The Mystery Man" (Argentina)

Great ideas, storyline, plot & texts of terminals, and betatesting
(and a good friend)

He is a professional writer for TV series and movies and his "state of mind" is out of this Galaxy :)

You can reach him at:


Jane Davison: "The Lady" (USA):

Betatesting, proofreader, valuable help and support (and a good friend)

She (the big one :) is a Marathon fanatic and also tester of other known scenarios
The other creature is a little Pfhor baby found at the ruins of Lh'owon :)

You can reach her at:


John Sumner (USA)

Final Betatesting


Chris Komarnicki (Canada)

Final Betatesting


Solomon Shorser (USA): 3D Art for the scenario
He is the author of the Pfhor ship model K'Mrut-12

(The picture is his work, not he :)

You can reach him at:


Mike Trinder (England): betatesting, help with valuable ideas in the early stages of the project
and the author of several software utilities without which this scenario might
not have been possible

He is responsible for Chthonic Ionic Software and you can look at
his work at: His pages at the Cambridge University


Mare Smith (USA): help with English texts in the early stages of the project
She is an artist in pottery and a very nice person

You can take a look at her work and peaceful
life at:


Robin Balmer (USA): betatesting and other help in the early stages of the project
He is a 3D artist and a Marathon fanatic

You can take a look at his interesting web
pages at: