Yes its the Roster, I can hear MuShoo's cheer of joy right now.

Name: John Marchette (aka. Marcheds)


Project Job Discription: Undertermined.... just about everything... could even be hips HTML advisor :P


Anything Else: PIC when i make it at the end of this week....

Name: Sean Phelps Also known as (aka): Soliptic


Project Job Discription: tester

Webpage: N/A

Anything Else: bah weep grahnah weep ni ni bong

Name: Ben Irwin


Project Job Discription: Total Carnage Betatester, Mapmaker, Shapes Tweaker

Webpage: shuddup

Anything Else: Six String Samurai is a badass movie...I want you to go out and rent it RIGHT NOW. You won't regreat it, believe you me. I'll also work on the wasps. And if you don't mind, can you add a "personal quote" section? If you can, make mine "I'm like King Midas in reverse: everything I touch turns to shit." - Tony Soprano. So, until we speak again...

Name: Ben Harper


Project Job Discription: Map Maker, Graphics


Anything Else: "Mew"P

Name: Real: Mike Schapiro Fake: MuShoo


Project Job Discription: Mapmaker, Hip-haggler

Webpage: NONE.

Anything Else: J-pop is funny stuff.

Name: Terry "Jagermeister" Nowicki


Project Job Description: Devourer of Lava Lamps

Webpage: http:/

Anything Else: Hoona Igna Chowa Neha!

Name: Bruce "Hippieman" Morrison


Project Job Description: This is my special little boy.


Anything Else: The Movie DIE HARD comes on HBO like ever day, aint' life grand? Oh and I am going to finsih this damned thing If I have to die trying.