Welcome to the news section. Here you will find out about updates and the progress of Pfhorathon.


Damn I'm bad at this. Don't let the lack of updates fool you, I've been hard at work on this sucker. I guess I just get tired of doing it for the day and then I really don't want to update the webpage. Which is slack on my part. But the good news is I've been messing around with this new B&B version of Aleph One. Its letting me create some AWSOME bridges and such. However if any of you recall my map making skills are not up to par. Which is why I'm requesting help. This will also go to the SN page. So think of it like this. I'm requesting help with a Scenario which has:

• 9 completed fully working weapons.

• 246 new textures in both the 128X128 8 bit Marathon colour table and 256X256 24bit enhanced versions completed.

• 6 new enemies, however 17 total characters (instead of the usual 14) thanks to some nice Physics Models (also completed).

• New interface and Hud (completed)

• New sounds and music (completed)

• A detailed guide for each level to be created with monster types and goals. (completed)

So see, this is a scenario that has a major chunk of the work completed, all that is missing are map makers! So send me an email already! hippieman@bungie.org

Oh yeah, there will be 2 flavors of Pfhorathon, one for OGL, another that dosn't require OGL to run. It will still need Aleph One (so a PPC is required) but if you don't have the 1337 graphic card and what not, don't worry there will be a version of Pfhorathon that does not require Open GL (the map will be slightly differnt) but will require the polygon pushing power of Aleph One.



Merry Christmas. Its about that time. I haven't updated in like for freakin' ever! But I'm updatin now. Well Pfhorathon is still cooking along like an ant under a magnifying glass. On the plus side, I have started making 256X256 24 bit versions of the textures, scripting is a bitch, and I haven't gotten much down. I still need someone to help with some sequences that just aren't working correctly. You really should drop me an email. I expect to get some new screenshots in soon...



Morons, man some people are jerks. Anyway, I've got problems, it seems to use OGL, I have to tone the amount of textures. Thats ok I guess I'm going to weed through them. Apparently 120 textures per collection is too much... Besides this might clean the shapes file up a bit. But I need some map makers, people split on me too much. I knew this was going to be a Hippieman only TC, but I just don't get how some teams get such devotion and yet they produce no results. And why I get bitched at so much for not being done! I mean WTF? Is GoF out yet? SC? MM? Auora? What about the other TCs that died? I'm proposing something very radical with Pfhorathon and nobody gets it. Ungrateful bastards.


Phew, I'm back at school, no more job! This first week has been hellish through. Lots of stuff going on, but things are settling down! I'm having a horrible time with Aleph One. It first had a nasty bug in which it was only showing the textures with bitmap numbers equal to the Infinity numbers. Now I won't load at all it tells m different shapes collection aren't loading. I'm also upset to find that if you have fog on, you don't get landscapes! That has to go! Editing with Forge is evil and almost impossible, we need a new editor! On the plus side, Deus Ex is awesome!


6/19/00 - Black Monday.

It has happened. You might say we are overacting, but to be honest, this is fuckin bullshit. Thanks for stabbing me in the back Bungie. Sorry when you were a small mac only game company I supported you. Sorry I was a fan, and more when nobody knew your name. I bought this game in 94, called Marathon. It was the coolest thing I had ever played. The bungie that made Marathon is gone. The name is the same, but they are gone. Pfhorathon will continue, but it will not have ANYTHING to do with bungie's name. The Bungie that made Marathon died today. They sold out and I no longer care about them. Also I retract my ideas that Halo is a continuation of the Marathon story. Halo is something else now, preferably a dung heap.



Well hello pfhor pfhans! It seems you've got a new news poster here at the p-thon site, me! (MuShoo) My official job description (created by me) is this: Mapmaker, XML King, and Secondary News Poster. Although I have this weird feeling I'll be updating more often than Hip. Just lookit him over there sleeping on the job... Grrr.

Anyway, as he said in a former news post, Pfhorathon evolves with Aleph One. We now have, (get this, it's cool), transparent animated liquids! Yes, that's right. And I, the XML king have already begun coding the stuff. It's not really that hard.

We're having some troubles with the HUD, but hopefully we'll come up with a fix soon(tm).

Hip and I have been hard at work revising the storyline, and it is getting complicated. Maybe we'll end up with a story as confusing as Moo.

This just in from the hippieman himself: "Pfhorathon is going to require OpenGL." Which means that you guys out there are going to need to update your Quadra 810s.

But there is hope for those of you without enough money to buy a G4, like me and Hip have. Yes, I too once knew the pain of trying to play a game like Unreal on a 603e. I even had Marathon Infinity on my mom's old IIsi. I know your pain. To get to the point: I am planning, if it would be too hard, to create a toned-down Pfhorathon, without many of the cool transparency and animation effects. Pfhortran support and XML will probably still be required, and A1 will still be a must, because the maps we have now just won't work without it. But, I will try and make it possible to play without having a graphics card.

- MuShoo


Work sucks, Yeah my summer Job is a real downer, it keeps me away from my G4, which I OH SO LOVE. Well the site got revamped up the wazoo (you like?) oh and how does high quality full screen 30 fps 3D rendered opening movie sound? Its like muzack to my ears. Ray Dream Studio Rocks, and dot' you forget it. Map Making is slow, Forge can't handle the maps now a days. Open GL is the best stuff ever, it makes the game so smooth, like buttah!

- Hippieman


One word, rhymes with Open GL... err... Thats right, Open GL screens are up! Bask in the greatness of them. I have found something out if you take a screen shot with Full Screen Mode it puts an evil End Of File in the screen shot which causes and -15 error in Simple Text and pisses Photo Shop off majority!

- Hippieman

PS The Roster page is on its way too!


Well, not to be outdone by those Gates of Fenris guys :-) I too have updated with some new screen shots. 3 New Pictures showing Pfhorathon in its natural element: DARK AND SCARY! Right now its showing the old Marine Model, but you know we wouldn't keep it the same old Marine. After all your a Pfhor Solider, aren't you? Also Pfhorathon has taken a step into Animated Textures, all liquids will be animated, and many walls. Now lets see what Pfhortran can do to this wonderful engine.

- Hippieman


Aleph One is looking more and more amazing, and with it Pfhorathon is becoming more and more amazing. Currently I have been working on the animated textures, the weapons sprites are looking darned good. MuShoo is the MAN! He has made some amazing maps pushing the poly limit to levels unknown. I expect some grovin' screen shots to be taken soon and if you're good, perhaps in 3rd Person!

- Hippieman


Wow, Aleph One rocks. In fact, Pfhorathon will be using the Aleph One Engine. Why? mostly because of the kick ass features it has right now. Have you played with how many transparent lines It can handle? It makes me drool. Of course this is bad news for 68k users. For you, I am sorry, but none of the MAPs will work for you. I know that sucks, but I had to make a choice, and if Aleph One is updated to GL and such, I'm afraid a 68k would never work. So for those of you with slower machines, I support you, but I must go with the PPC only engine.

- Hippieman


Oh man! I haven't updated in a bajillion years. And I apologize for that. Its been a very busy well several months. So much has happened. Let me break it down. The Shapes file is close to done. I mean the whole Friggin thing. 9 Weapons, all done, just some have a few bugs and "Gray Fuzz" left over from Photoshop. 6 new Baddies/Good guys for the game, however using those "Tiny Bob" slots there are 2 more monsters than what infinity had. 180 new textures so far. That's the last count I was at. But I'll add as I build more maps. The HUD keeps getting tweaked, as does the main page (Thanks March) Now for the story. It has been revised. The whole playing the game as a Human too is out. It just doesn't work. The detail and characters are more refined. I won't spoil it for you. Sounds are shaky I have just a few (8) new sounds so far. But I hope to add several more. Multiplier is an iffy. I won't add it unless someone codes TCP/IP into the marathon source code. But then I would have to jump back to Marathon 2. and then things get confusing. I'm not sure yet how that's gonna play out. I will have some screen shots up by next week hopefully, if the weapons decide to behave themselves.

- Hippieman


-Updated the Roster... Also something is coming... something... and it smells like a contest... On a lighters side, Looks like there is yet another bad guy for Pfhorathon. That makes the grand total.... common guess! It rhymes with heaven! Give up?

- Hippieman


-Well in case you haven't noticed the URL for this page is slightly different, well there is a reason for that, I have decided to give my personal page a face lift and basically geocities sucks exhaust. Also Pfhorathon got some space on RuGGeR's Hotline server! Pretty cool eh?

- Hippieman


-After More and more refitting of the page I have decided to add all old what's new news to the news section, that is news I can remember. The mirrors at Geocities and Freeservers will not be updated anymore, they are just too slow and unreliable. All new information will come from the xoom site.

-Well Pfhorathon Joined the TC web ring, well hopefully, as of this moment we haven't been accepted, but we hope to be. I got funky with the logo I know.

-As for the game, well I uploaded some new pics, and as for the status of the game? Well it's good and bad, the Good: There are now 4 new bad guys/good guys, more to come. 5 weapons are done, and I got that buggy problem with the physics worked out. Now the Bad news: for some buggy reason Marathon Infinity has decided not to work anymore. Not just Pfhorathon, but MI in general. It's an annoyance, that I'm working around, It means clean install of the Pfhorathon files, but It's back on track now.

- Hippieman


Hey happy New Year. Any who it's been a while since I have added anything here. We have been cookin with progress. It's hard to say what. 4 of the 9 weapons are finished. Several maps made and what not. We are awaiting the "surprise." Also there is also going to be the Pfhorathon Trailer. When will it be available? I'm not sure, I'll be adding some Screen Shots soon. Also the FAQ is close to being finished. (Ok ok So I haven't even started on it, so sue me!) But things are pretty good over all. Check back soon this is gonna take off.

- Hippieman


Added some images to the webpage, and my music directors name and email addy.

- Hippieman


Posted an Ad on the new Volunteers page at marathon.org.

- Hippieman


Pfhorathon webpage completely redone.

- Hippieman


New Music for intro screen completed.

- Hippieman

Unkempt Date:

Lots of tinkering and playing with shapes and sounds and such. Not much done, Pfhorathon HUD downloaded, I've gotta fix it with ResEdit to make it work.

- Hippieman