Q. I heard that Pfhorathon will allow play as either the player or a Pfhor warrior.

A. Origonaly this was the idea, however due to limits (the HUD wouldn't change and the Player's death wouldn't change) this was droped.

Q. What Versions of Marathon will this work on?

A. Marathon Aleph One v X.X

Q. When will this game be finished?

A. Who knows, We just keep building and building and ....

Q. How far along is the game?

A. Soon™

Q. Do you need any help with the game?

A. Yes, help is always wanted. But don't ask to Beta test, we are FAR from that right now.

Q. What happened to all that text at the beginning of the webpage?

A. I moved it to right here!

Welcome to the U.E.S.C. Victory, I am the residing AI, Logan. Before Proceeding on to the main menu let me brief you on events up to now. In the year 2794, July 25th the U.E.S.C. Marathon was attacked by an "unknown" race, called the Pfhor. Standard security procedures in cooperation with the on board AI's Leela, Durandel, and Tycho a message log of the events plus a standard computer download was performed. The U.E.S.C. Marathon sent a decoded message at 0703 hours standard Martin Time. The message was received on October 7th, 2854. After traveling 60 years the message was received by Earth Outpost IV. After shuttling the message via faster than light vehicle. The message reached Earth. There the message was decrypted and read. Although the message about the Pfhor was intact, the download of the AI's was damaged. Of the 3 AI's Leela was %24.21505 Intact, Durandel %81.1051, and Tycho was 18.02354 Intact. Using the information available on the Pfhor, weapons were created. Of them the most promising was the Assault Cannon with Sonic Wave Emulation; code named Freedom. Included within the message from the Marathon was it's exact location: [29.02, 52.3, 12.01]

On September 22nd, 2857 a small unmanned probe exited Light Speed and entered the Sol system. Inside contained a message, and a dead human body. The message was in several formats all from the Pfhor. The message stated:

The Marathon is ours. We know you ~~~~ the technology to reach us, as do ~~~~. Stay back humans. Or we will kill the remaining of your kind.

The United Earth Space Council set forth to send out a ship, the U.E.S.C. Victory to access the U.E.S.C. Marathon for survivors and salvageability. However unlike the Marathon, the Victory is equipped with Super Human cloned Bobs, Babs and Fusion Bobs. Their mission to eradicate the Pfhor threat in and around the U.E.S.C. Marathon.

Yesterday, January 12th, 2862 the U.E.S.C. Victory arrived at [29.02, 52.3, 12.01]. The U.E.S.C. Marathon was located orbiting a small moon. The ship was adrift and silent.

At 0600 Hours a group of 30 Fusion Bobs boarded the Marathon, they encountered a small group of Pfhor. Using their new weapons the Freedom the Pfhor were quickly killed. At 0646 Hours the Victory's sensors detected multiple hull breaches. Swarms of Pfhor attacked the Ship. However due to enhanced technology they were driven back. The Pfhor's numbers are small and they are dying.

Today at 0804 Hours a small Pfhor ship came out of Light Speed. The Victory launched an attack, but the ship fled behind the moon. Moments later a message was sent from the ship:

< 2826.48.32.925 >
jjkrm.,coij23ui 309845ummc0398u

Encoding into English

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Our forces are failing, we are
[dying?]. The resistance will be
over before it has [started?].
Our only hope is is a Specialized
[No English Translation] cΣ
¥´s^£ç… Omegaoe•
.† §∂."§ ¥∞


Pfhor Access Terminal 206.885

After this message a small ship piloted it's self toward the Victory and managed to dock in a small docking bay. Upon a ship scan the ship appeared to carry an Biological Entity. However the organism's DNA and makeup is unrecognizable by our sensors. Also from reports from Security officers, it appears to be only slightly phased by the assaults from the freedom, and it's pissed off.