12 Sept 01

Here are all the files I could find on my hard drive that might be relevant to anyone wanting to hack apart my scenario for closer inspection. I have only a few stipulations of their use:

  • If you use any of my stuff, include my name in the credits.
  • Don't use my custom icons. You can use my icon files and paste in you own, but I want mine in case I ever start up another scenario. Change the creator name(s), etc., with ResEdit, too.
  • Don't use my Images file or any other artwork (besides textures and sprites - those are okay). Granted, most of my artwork is not complete or revised, or is only temporary, but I still want to hang on to these in case I ever make a new scenario, should things change in the future.
  • Don't expect everything to be packaged neatly. I tried to sort out a few things, and I added some ReadMe's, but for the most part, all the files and their contents are quite a mess. Playing with them will probably cause crashes at some point.

I was going to add my tutorial files, but that would be redundant. Those can be found in the Archives and on the Battlecat's Homepage. That's about it.

 3.0 MB
18.6 MB
 3.2 MB
 3.6 MB