Story Introduction

It was a time of peace and prosperity for mankind, when the space pirates of El Diablo began the raids of 2270. Laying ruin to space resorts, destroying outposts, capturing starships and viciously attacking entire planets, the pirates showed no mercy. Earth's high-tech defense force, the Marines, were decimated by the onslaught of these alien warriors. The forces of the pirates seemed unstoppable, and mankind's very survival hung in the balance. At the helm of El Diablo were the fiercest of the alien forces. Adorned in blue garments and wicked by nature, these pirate leaders were soon given the nickname of
Devil in a Blue Dress.

Then stepped in one brave marine to challenge the pirates. Turning back the resort attackers and the outpost destruction squads was only the beginning. Going on the offensive, routing the alien crew of the Diablo, and moving on to the stronghold on the pirate home world climaxed with the defeat of the head pirates themselves. Rescuing resorts and outposts, winning battles against unthinkable odds, solving mind boggling puzzles, and conquering the pirate home world, one brave marine managed to save the galaxy from a most horrible demise and end the reign of the Devil in a Blue Dress. For a time, it seemed that this bloody interruption of human civilization had come to a close.

But wait! What's this? Discovered on the pirate home world during the cleanup mission are artifacts of unknown origin, strange devices and eerie potions that leave many questions unanswered. No one seemed to understand what these discoveries meant ... no one except the artificial intelligence known as Merlin. As Merlin unravels the mysteries and reveals surprising information about his own existence, our brave marine begins to realize that the real battle has not yet begun.

From the bowels of evil rises the most powerful foe to challenge you yet: the cunningly malevolent sorceress Morgana. Rising to power during the period of Camelot, she discovers a means to travel through time. Luring the darkness out of most creatures she encounters, she begins to build empires on her trek through time. Morgana has a diabolical plan and you now must stop her.

You will begin your journey in the sickbay of the starship called Kronos, an advanced exploration craft conducting experimentation with new time travel technology. Once reunited with Merlin, you will learn more about the adventures to follow, and the forces which you must overcome.

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