Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge v1.4.1

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Trilogy CD owners: You need v1.4.1!
French gamers: Check this out!
68K users: Please read!

Mirror Sites
Excalibur v1.4
Segmented binaries, single binary, and the 1.4.1 patches. Sponsored by Seagull Networks.
Excalibur v1.4
Get your single file or segment downloads here, as well as extra support files. Presented by gabe rosenkoetter.
Excalibur v1.4
The MMMG maintains it's own downloads page from which you can grab the segmented download, in binhex or binary, HTTP or FTP.
Excalibur v1.4
FTP binhexed chunks provided by Robert Deininger.

Trilogy Owners:
The Trilogy version of Marathon does not require a serial number, hence no serial number was given to you. However, the original Marathon did require a serial number, so once you patch to Excalibur v1.4 (which was built upon the original Marathon), you will all of a sudden be asked for a serial number. We have created a patch for those of you in this predicament. If you are using the version of Marathon on the Trilogy CD, then download this patch and apply it against Excalibur v1.4 (it will update it to Excalibur v1.4.1).

Download Excalibur v1.4.1 Patch

French Gamers:
If you own the French version of Marathon, then apply this patch to it. It will allow you to then upgrade to Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge.

Download the French Patch

68K Users:
In version 1.3 of Excalibur, the installer did not work on 68K machines (giving AE Missing Parameter error -1708). This is fixed in v1.4, but you probably don't want download the whole package again. Instead, grab this small fixit patch which, when applied to Excalibur Installer for v1.3, will fix the above problem.

Download Installer Fix-It for Excalibur v1.3

Merlin's Extras

Pfhorte 1.0d31 (Binhexed)

Pfhorte 1.0d31 (MacBinary)
This version of Pfhorte has new features and bug fixes, and supports Morgana map making. It also includes a menu resource for regular Bungie map making.
Physics Editor Menu for Morgana If you want to tweak the Physics Model for Morgana's Revenge, you might want to grab this menu resource so you can figure out what's going on.