Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge


There was an unbelievable amount of work which went into making Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge a reality. We hit so many hurdles along the way, and each time someone stepped up to the challenge and kept the project alive. If it all possible,
please send feedback about this scenario, as one of the greatest rewards in completing this project is hearing how others are enjoying it!

Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge v1.4

Directed and Co-ordinated by Bill Catambay

Summary of Contributors (in Alphabetical Order)

NOTE: Many of the e-mail addresses listed below are obsolete, so if you would like to get a message off to somone, and their e-mail is not working, use this form.

Contributor Area of Contribution(s)
Henri "Rik" Asseily Graphics, Sounds
James "jazzoom" Bisset Music
Stephan "STef" Bondier Map Making, Graphics, French sounds
Richard Bushey Graphics
Cory Bystrom Graphics
Eric Case Map Making
Bill Catambay Map Making, Physics, Graphics, Sounds, Story, Object Placement, Editing
Mark Conahan Graphics, Map Making
Jeremy "jerOme" Dale Graphics, Map Making, Sounds
Robert Deininger Map Making
Mike Elness Map Making
Greg Ewing Map Making
Russel Fleming Map Making
Mason Gup Graphics
Quanah S. Harjo Graphics
Steve Juliana Map Making
Neil Justusson Map Making
Evan Knop Map Making, Physics
Charles Lechasseur Excalibur Installer
Michael Masinter Map Making
Ben Matasar Map Making
Jeremy "Br'fin" Parsons Map Making
Jason Parsons Map Making, Graphics
Stephen Ritchie Graphics
Tony Ritchie Graphics
Gabe "gabe" Rosenkoetter Map Making
Simon Rowland Story, Sounds
Dave Santoro Map Making
Avi Selk Graphics
Candace Sherriff Graphics, Sounds
Bob Sinclair Sounds
David Twist Graphics, Map Making, Sounds
Sriranga Veeraraghavan Map Making
Eric Venet Map Making
John Vizcarra Map Making
Chilton Webb Graphics
Steve Wilder Map Making
Edmund R. Zavada Graphics, Hacker

Special Tasks

Jurassic Texture set manager - Rik
Camelot & Morgana Texture set manager - Bill
Future texture set manager - Mark
Netmap coordinator - Gabe
FTP administrators - Claude, Bill, and Jiri
French translation coordinator - STef

Special Thanks

Claude Errera for FTP & Web space, and mailing lists
Jiri Cermak for FTP space
Steve Israelson for Pfhorte and Pfhorte source code
Br'fin for Pfhred
Kevin Bell for MSI
Michael Hanson for the Marathon Physics Model Editor

Animated Graphics

Raptors and Dimorphodons
Graphics by Chilton
Installation and physics by Bill
Sounds by Bill

Graphics by David, Bill and Candace
Installation and physics by Bill
Sounds by David

Cavebob and Archers/Soldiers
Graphics and installation by Candace
Preliminary Model by Rik
Physics by Bill
Sounds by Candace

Graphics by Quanah
Blood by jerOme
Color editing by Candace
Installation and physics by Bill

Graphics and installation by Mark
Physics by Bill

Graphics by David
Death sequence, installation and physics by Bill

Skull Snake and Winged Firebeast
Graphics by Chilton
Installation and physics by Bill

Graphics by Chilton, Avi and Bill
Installation and physics by Bill

GATs and SPAMs
Graphics and installation by Quanah
SPAM dead frame by Bill
Physics by Bill

Future Bob and Maintenance Man
Graphics and Installation by Jeremy
Sounds by Jeremy, David and Bill
Physics by Bill

Hightech Clones
Graphics and Installation by Mark
Physics by Bill

Graphics by Richard
Death sequence by Bill
Installation, sounds and physics by Bill

Player Sprites
Player graphics by jerOme
Weapon graphics by David
Installation by jerOme

Graphics by David
Installation and physics by Bill

Throne and Table
Graphics by Jason
Table death by Bill
Installation and physics by Bill

Graphics by Stephen Ritchie
Exploding barrel by Stephen
Breaking barrel by Bill
Installation and physics by Bill

Scenery Items

Forest Trees by Stephen
Big Rock by Richard
Palm Trees by Tony
Bones by Candace
Crystals by Candace
Candleabra by David
Suit of Armor by Quanah
Pillar by Jason
Small Plant by Candace
Trash Can by Ed
Fire Hydrant by Mark
Street Light by Candace
GAT Parts by Bill and Quanah


Rik, Mark, David, Candace, Richard, Jason, Mason, Sriranga, Bill

Weapons & Ammo & Items

Spear, Snyper, Dachron, Crossbow, Magic Staff, Excalibur and Hightech weapons by David
Snyper ammo, Dachron ammo, and Hightech ammo by David
Plasma shots, Missile shots and Lightning shots by David
Freeze spell shots by jerOme
Arrows by Rik and Bill
Water vials by Candace and Bill
Potions by Candace
Grail by Candace

Splash Screens

Title screens by Mark
Mission by Richard
Expedition by Rik
Deliverance by Rik
Knighthood by David
Morgana's Lair by Richard
Infiltration by jerOme
Showdown by Richard

Final screens
Graphics and text by Bill
Original lightning pictures by
Barbara Hill
Swirl effect by David

Miscellaneous Graphics

HUD by STef and David
MMMG logo by Rik
MMMG banner by Richard
Main Menu by Richard
Main Menu buttons by Cory
Morgana Icons by Jason
Future Switches by Stephen Ritchie and Candace
Camelot Switch by Avi Selk
Control panels by Candace


Bill, Rik, David, Bob, Candace, Simon


Camelot Reel, Future, Futurechase, Jurassic Carmina, Jurassic Classic, Kronos, Kronos Run Like Hell, Kronos Unplugged, Morgana's Lament, Morgana's Militia and Sweet Morgana by Jazzoom


Physics model by Bill
Physics guidance from Evan, David and Br'fin

French Translators

STef, Croc, Charles, Rik, and Evan

Solo Maps

The Whips and Scorns of Time - Bill Catambay
Merlin Unplugged - Bill Catambay
Run For Your Life! - Br'fin
A River Runs Through it - Russel Fleming
Unstable Terrain - David Twist
When It Rains, It Pours - Russel Fleming
Unnatural Selection - Mike Masinter
When the Raptors Come Home - Mike Masinter
No Time For Coffee - Bill Catambay
Bend Sinister - Greg Ewing
Shores of Camelot - Bill Catambay
My Life for a Sword - Steve Juliana
Excalibur! - Bill Catambay and Steve Juliana
Over the River and Through the Woods - Dave Santoro
Siege Perilous - David Twist
Betrayal and Retribution - Dave Santoro
I'll Be Lurking for You - Steve Wilder
Le Mort de Tous - Evan Knop
Tower of Mauvair - Bill Catambay
Mr Wizard! Mr Wizard! - Bill Catambay
The Audience is Listening - Ben Matasar
Castle of Sorrows - STef
For the Love of Mother - jerOme
Noah's Ark - Bill Catambay
Staying Up Late - Neil Justusson
Down Under - Sriranga Veeraraghavan
HQ Storm - Bill Catambay
Double Vision - Robert Deininger
Anahl Nathraq - Mark Conahan
El Fin - Bill Catambay


Dinosaur Teeth - Mark Conahan
Raptor Pit - Dave Santoro
Da Bomb!! - Jason Parsons
Lava Float Trip - Gabe Rosenkoetter
Food Fight! - John Vizcarra
Knight Feud - Bill Catambay
Jousting For Fun and Profits - Jason Parsons
Castle Island - Eric Venet and Bill Catambay
Archers up the Ass - Bill Catambay
Infinity - Ben Matasar
Drop in Any Time! - Mike Elness
Time Gate - Bill Catambay
Morgana's Arena - Bill Catambay
Merlin's Arena - Bill Catambay
Mauvair's Arena - Bill Catambay
The Trunk Full of Funk - Eric Case
Pedestrian Walkway - Gabe Rosenkoetter
Private Property - Mark Conahan
Roof Rats - Bill Catambay
Street Fight - David Twist

Final Map Editing, Object Placement, Allignments and Bug Fixes by Bill Catambay

Terminal Text

Merlin (main text and story) by Bill Catambay
Library text by Bill and Simon
Spewie text by Bill and Richard
Secret term in When it Rains it Pours by Jazzoom
Text editing by Bill, Simon, Jazzom, Gabe, and Candace

Beta Testing (single maps, v0.5 and v1.0b)

Evan Knop
Nigel Stanger
Jason Parsons
Phil Pandrus
Eric B Venet
Bill Catambay
Simon Rowland
Candace Sherriff
Claude Errera
John Wood
Nick Lewis
Russel Fleming
John M. Vizcarra
Dan "Face"
Neil Justusson
Ed Zavada
Matt Liebhold
Michael O'Brien
Wendy Mortensen
Gabe Rosenkoetter
Stephan Bondier
Courtney Evans
James Bisset
Charles Lechasseur
David Twist
Jack Miller
Jeff Webb
Andreas Ronning
Daniel Wheland
Adrian Bourke

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